Marathon – Why have a Massage?

Training for a marathon is a long and committed process with much of the training taking place over the winter months,  in poor weather and often in the dark! Therefore it is such a shame if in the last few weeks all that work goes to pot due to injury. This, unfortunately is something I see every year. From February onwards I see people who have worked hard but have, in the latter stages of their training got injuries which are threatening to affect or even stop their training. Sometimes these injuries are caused by the level of training being undertaken, or they may have been an injury they received earlier on, but worked through it, and now it is coming back to haunt them.

So, things to do to help.

  • Have a proper plan to your training
  • Wear appropriate clothing/shoes
  • Try not to run all the time on a hard surface as this will impact on your body
  • Have regular Sport and Remedial Massages/Soft tissue therapy

Why have Massages?

  • Prolonged training will tighten muscles, and tight muscles are more susceptable to injury
  • An injury, no matter how small will result in scar tissue, and this is less flexible, again making the area more vulnerable.
  • Repetative impact on the same muscles (knees, hips) cause tightness which in time can become painful.
  • Poor posture, tight muscles, pain can affect your overall running position and may cause tension in the soft tissue causing problems in many different areas of the body.

What Can be Done?

Regular treatments will loosen off the tight areas and break down any knots/scar tissue and provide good stretches. It will also highlight at an early stage any problems, before they affect your training or your posture.  So, if you are lucky enough to have been selected for a marathon, please give some thought to your body after all it will be working hard for you!