Soft Tissue Therapy

Theraflex Massage provides an effective and high quality  Soft Tissue Therapy to tackle a wide range of issues. These can be caused by injury, sports, lifestyle stress or illness.  Maybe you suddenly realise you cannot turn your neck as far as you used to, have tennis or golfers elbow, a frozen shoulder, wake up with a stiff neck or sore back, or have had a joint replacement. A soft tissue treatment may resolve these issues. Stress and anxiety can cause neck, shoulder and back problems, and often may develop into headaches. A combination of Mindfulness to reduce the stress, or again manual manipulation may help to resolve these issues. The correct path to follow will be discussed with each client.  As well as the primary problem they analyse a wide range of other contributory factors so they can provide treatment and advice to help prevent further injury and improve physical wellbeing in the longer term. A full list of skills used can be found here.