Hot Stone Fusion Massage

While used as a separate type of massage, hot stones are also incorporated into any massage session as required. The heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and allows deeper work with less discomfort.

What is the Difference Between Hot Stone Massage and Hot Stone Fusion Therapy?

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an intensely relaxing treatment using iron rich basalt stones to massage the whole body. This warms the muscles causing them to loosen, inducing a feeling of well being and you can feel the tension melting away.

Hot Stone Fusion Therapy

At Theraflex we take this one step further with Hot Stone Fusion Therapy. This incorporates many different massage styles including sport and remedial techniques to ensure  a tailored massage for each client, addressing their particular needs from as  simple a need to relax, or for someone who may experience particular problems such as neck or back pain.

Whatever your problems, this is an extremely enjoyable, as well as relaxing therapy which makes an ideal gift.

Looking for that unusual gift?

Why not choose a Hot Stone Fusion Massage, suitable for him or her – it’s not just for sissies!!