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After Treatment Advice

The following are guidelines for you to follow, any queries, please contact me.

  •  Drink plenty of water.
  • Do not do anything too strenuous for the next 48 hours avoiding exercise and weight training.  You may be advised to stop all activities until healthy soft tissue function is restored
  • Become more aware of your posture when sitting and walking
  • Do the stretching and strengthening exercises if they have been advised
  • You may experience discomfort or tightness in the muscles that have been treated, but this does not always happen. If it does it will usually subside after a few days. If it does not subside or gets worse, please give me a call.
  • If discomfort is felt, or the area feels warm, ice may be used for up to 48 hours after the massage. Use a wheat bag, ice pack or bag of peas for a max of 10 mins a time on the area. Leave at least an hour between applications.