Why Drink Water after a Massage?

Often, after a massage, whether it is a Sport and Remedial Massge or a Hot Stone Fusion MassageĀ  clients are offered a drink of water.

Why do we need water?

  • Water makes up between 45% and 75% of our body mass depending on age, gender and size
  • Water carries oxygen, nutrients and waste around the body.
  • Many chemical reactions require water, e.g. digestion. (Water is also the product of some reactions).
  • It helps to maintain the body at a stable and safe temperature.
  • It is the main component of sweat which also helps to regulate the body’s temperature.
  • It is a lubricant in the body and can be found in saliva, mucus and in skeletal joints.
  • Skeletal muscles are 65% water.

Why Do We Drink Water after a Massage?

  • Massage, particularly Sport and Remedial Massage releases water and some minerals from the muscles into the blood and lymph circulatory systems.
  • The break down of scar tissue and adhesions releases fibrous and other substances into the circulation.
  • The dehydration and build up of substances in the body can cause discomfort, pain and cramps.

Therefore water is needed to ensure that the good and bad substances are brought to and from the muscles, to prevent discomfort and ensure that the body remains at a safe temperature.